Scope is a boutique consultancy business passionate about development that adds real-life value to the communities we live in. We provide management services for end to end project delivery, or select tasks, as part of an integrated team, these include:


Site (opportunity) identification & assessment.

We can find land to suit any specific needs, be it for a business use or investment objective.


Development due-diligence, feasibility and acquisition negotiations.

Whether a site Scope find, or one a client already has. We will undertake an investigation of the proposed developments constraints and opportunities. Then prepare a cost estimate and viability to validate its feasibility.


Project conceptualisation, theme and design; Project planning, budgeting and reporting; Project approvals.

Our ethos is, fail to plan, plan to fail. At the initiation of a project we prepare a range of documents that are aimed at setting a clear course of action, and that allow us to track/monitor progress, so that the project stays on the path to achieving the desired outcome.


Marketing for pre-purchases or house & land.

When achieving a financial objective for a project is important, a focused, strategic and timely approach is important. We will work with appropriate project team members for the desired outcome.


Survey, engineering & landscape documentation.

Typically a project will require specialist involvements to prepare documentation either for approvals or construction. Our experienced network allows us to bring access to suitably qualified specialists, and manage them to deliver superior and cost effective outcomes.


Contractor procurement, engagement & management.

Construction is the biggest cost to a project, and Scope ensure best market value is obtain by preparing appropriate request for tender/quote documents, shortlist appropriate contractors, undertake a transparent and authentic tender/quote process, and assess the submission to report to you on award of contracts.


Project life monitoring, tracking & reporting.

A fundamental of Scope’s approach to Project Management is communication. From our project planning documents, we regular track the progress of the project, and through a range of techniques, provide status reports to the project owner to create a collaborative project partnership.


Authority sign-offs & close-out.

At the commencement and completion of a project there will be a range of local government and likely state government approvals required. Scope will liaise with agencies and the consulting team to navigate the project successfully through the necessary approvals.


Sales (Legal & Real Estate) and title creation.

Scope’s network not only includes specialist consultants, but also private investment/funding partners, builders and contractors. Who are all available to be utilised by our clients if needed.


Scope works with land owners/developers for the life of a project, and bring alliance partners to projects for specialist inputs, together with strong industry relationships. Typically, Scopes’ clients invest in a project to fix a problem or generate an additional income. However, they may be time poor, and/or have little experience or understanding of complex process for delivering a property development project. This is where Scopes’ whole-of-project-lifecycle services, at a competitive advantage, are very attractive. Coupled with a strong blend of knowledge and experience, provides additional benefit and security to clients that their project has a greater opportunity for success.

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